Not Just A Drive Home


It’s so easy to get lost in the busyness. If you let it, life will pass you by. Another day wasted. 

My drive home usually looks something like this.

A busy mind trying to detangle the work of that day:  “Did I send that email?” “Did I add that appointment to my calendar?”

Anxiety over the growing list of “to dos” after dinner is made, the kitchen is cleaned, and the kids are tucked into bed. 

Zero patience for the person in front of me who is holding up the passing lane. (Don’t worry Mom-I’m not driving wreck less). 

On my drive today, God captivated me with THIS. 

Subtle pinks of a fading sunset dancing on the tips of leafless trees. 

A brilliant orange commanding attention as it burst through the rugged terrain of Winter’s landscape. 

Glassy, cool hues of dark blue reflecting the gifts of the earth above.  

Be still, my heart. Be still. 

Open my eyes to the beauty that quiets my soul and refreshes my spirit. 

“The heavens are telling of the Glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1 


About blackerbyheather

Servant of my Maker, wife of @evanblackerby, mommy of Jude & Lucy. Loves people all over the world, farmers markets, documentaries, and the simple details.

One response to “Not Just A Drive Home

  1. Lauren

    So beautiful!!! Great reminder to stop and breath, this life is but a vapor!

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