Why Moving Stinks


I’ve been in a funk. On the brink of tears for days. Tired. Knot in my chest. Blegh…

It’s the pending move. Boxes gathered by friends and family sit in my shed and I haven’t been able to make myself get started on packing. 

I’m not doubting what God has called us to do. His hand is all over it in ways I will save for a different day. And I’m definitely excited about the opportunity that lies before us to live out the Gospel in High Point. Still, it doesn’t make it easy. That feeling of needing to breathe deeper to feel relief just won’t go away. This sacrifice is NOT an easy one. 

It’s because of what it requires me to leave. And all the little things that make up beautiful memories. 

And it’s them. The ones we have done life with on a daily basis for the last 12 years. 

The ones we lived with in college and “traded” roommates when we got married. 

The one I would hide and jump out to scare as she came in from school. 

The one I had sleepovers with in our apartment just so we could stay up talking. 

The ones we shared wedding days with. 

The ones we’ve shared countless pancake breakfasts and cookouts with. 

The ones that gave us a giant candle of shells as a wedding gift that became a back and forth “hide the candle” game that ended up on our roof, in a grill, and under the ground. 

The ones who we moved next door to when we got married.

The one who defends me to this day regarding the car wreck that was my fault because of that lady doing push-ups on the corner. 

The one who does my hair every time I need to dress up for something.

The ones who model unconditional love. 

The one we text at 10:00 at night when our baby has a fever. 

 The one who wrote me a note on the anniversary of my dad’s death every year. 

The ones who were at the birth of our children and we at theirs. 

The ones who are parents to my little boy’s favorite person in the world. 

The ones who let us live with them for 5 months while our home was rebuilt. 

The ones who listen and who pray. 

The ones who we have hard God conversations with and who arent afraid to challenge us or ask questions. 

The ones who encourage us and love us unconditionally. 

I could go on and on and on. Lauren and Ryan, this blog is for you. You are our family. The memories we have made    the last 12 years have been some of the best of my life. 

Thank you for being the kind of friends that make me feel this kind of sadness about moving. Not that I enjoy the sadness. But God has blessed us with one of the sweetest gifts in life. A sweet and beautiful friendship. Our moving does not and will not ever change how important you are to us. 

You are treasured. 

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?”  C.S. Lewis


About blackerbyheather

Servant of my Maker, wife of @evanblackerby, mommy of Jude & Lucy. Loves people all over the world, farmers markets, documentaries, and the simple details.

2 responses to “Why Moving Stinks

  1. Heather, you are in the middle of the journey of a lifetime. You are seriously crazy blessed to have such a strong community with people that have lived so close to you. Having the experience of moving from people and families that mean the world to me, all I can say is that God will blow your mind with His closeness in this season. I am so blessed to know you and Evan and (I will officially meet both kiddos soon) 🙂 ….but I really am blessed and I totally believe is you and Evan’s vision to the kingdom. Its great and powerful. Also, I personally think God enjoys the messiness of our humanity…so that “on the brink of tears” that your at….cross the line, go past the brink, you’ll be glad you did. There’s a lot of life in the mess. Embrace the mess. Love you

    • Thanks Caitlin. While there is sacrifice involved, I have absolute peace about the move. Just hard to leave friends and family and community that’s comfortable. But I know it’s worth it. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Definitely appreciate it! Hope to see you very soon!!!

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