My Perfect Little Picture


Here it is. The ever so classic, (ahem…and maybe a little cliche), oh-so-cozy winter scarf and trendy coffee mug Instagram selfie. Add in white lights and red finger nail polish for good measure. Oh, how my life looks so lovely.

But what if you were actually here sitting in this room with me? What would you see? Well, for one, the Earl Gray tea in my cute Starbucks mug is cold….like 3 hours old cold. And, in actuality, I’m not even drinking it anymore. I’m double dipping my carrot sticks into hummus. Oh, and my nails are chipped. And well, if you turn the camera around you see the cute, but snotty-nosed, toddler with the pile of things that should have been put away yesterday.

But alas, I did not open my real life up to you. You only saw my perfect little IG life. The one that makes you feel less than and like your day to day doesn’t measure up.

And again, I ask myself what is all this for? Did that picture I shared bring a smile to your face or leave you feeling just a little inadequate?

I write this today because I’ve felt it. I think we all have. Those strangers with 30k followers who share pictures of their perfectly decorated homes for their perfect dinner parties with all their beautiful guests. Or maybe it’s a little more up close and personal. And the reality is nobody’s life looks like their silly, perfect pictures. It doesn’t matter if you have the prettiest home, the most well dressed children in those precious Christmas cards, the best handmade Christmas gifts, or the most fun and extravagant events to attend, or heck, the most likes or blog shares.

At the end of the day, your life will not be measured by this. And, at the end of the day, your worth and value don’t come from it either.

Oh, and here you go. Merry Christmas.



Relearning the Gospel


I thought I had it down. 

I’ve known Jesus for a long time. Known that He turned my life around from a wreckless child pursuing things that fall void. Known His power to work out the deepest hurts of my life. Felt His word direct me, encourage me, convict me. And I am THANKFUL!

BUT, He’s shaking everything up lately. 


There is a holy dissatisfaction that while I have honestly pursued Jesus, I have been missing something. 

Are you ready for what’s been missing? Don’t judge me. I’m being real. And raw. And I’m embarrassed. 

It’s the Gospel. 

I’m in the midst of a paradigm shift.  A new lens of understanding the Gospel. 

It’s enough, you know. 
The Gospel. 

My life means nothing without it- My passions, my strengths, my skills -My family, my friends, my job, my social justice causes. 

The Gospel shapes everything about me. It IS my identity. I read in Colossians 3 today, “From now on everyone is defined by Christ.” 
I am DEFINED by Christ. But do I live that way?

Evan and I been going through some intense conversations lately with some people that are helping us understand the absolute beauty of the gospel. I’ve left these conversations frustrated, scared, and sobered by the reality of what God has required of those who know Him. 

The Gospel isn’t just a story we tell people. No, it should permeate every sense of who you are. The way you prioritize. The way you sacrifice. The way you give. The way you love. The way you respond. The way you live-EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

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