Legacy for Glory

Years later, her words of wisdom and closeness to Jesus, still impact me. Though she now tastes the goodness of our Father in a new and glorious way, I remember her life and the beauty she exuded of Jesus while here on Earth. 

Valerie was one of those people whose quiet strength, sweet spirit, and intentional discipleship, had a way of influencing so many around her. Her love was just so….well….lovely. Even through her battle with cancer, she glorified Jesus in ways that made me want to know him more. 

Currently, I’m reading one of Valerie’s favorite books. It’s called The Practice of the Presence of God. It’s based off of conversations and letters by a 17th century monk named Brother Lawrence. It’s a short book, but full of snippets of wisdom from a man who pursued communing with and glorifying God through the everyday monotony of life. 

It’s funny. I never read it when Valerie boasted of how good it was. Maybe it was because it was meant for now. As I read through scripture and through another book called Everyday Church, the words of the three books echo each other….all written hundreds of years apart. It’s a beautiful thing how God allows conversations to live on to remind us of who He is….whether they be with a 17th century monk or a dear friend and mentor. 

Today, I’m thanking God for sweet friendships, for those who intentionally pour Truth coupled with love into others, and for the opportunity to be in continual commune with Jesus throughout the day. These are all sweet gifts from Him alone. 


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