I woke up the other morning and had one of those life reflection moments. You know, the ones where you examine where you are in life.

I was just well……thankful. God has us in this beautiful place in life. Two young kids who wear us out but bring such joy. A merging of friendships old and new. Opportunities to try and learn new things. To meet new people. We are healthy. We are provided for. We are loved. Healing has come to my family.

Yet, as I look at life through the lens of the present with gratitude for my own life, I am painfully aware of friends who sit in very different positions.

Friends who are raising families while battling cancer. Friends who are weary from fighting for their children’s lives. Friends who sit next to their husbands in hospitals hoping memory will return. Friends who are grieving loss. Friends who can’t plan for the future because they are waiting. Day in and day out. Friends who have broken families battling depression and darkness. And I know darker days will come for me as well. These seasons are a part of all of our lives. They make take different forms but we will all inevitably have valleys.

Here’s the truth I rest in today. No matter the season, God is Unchanging. He’s not broken when we are. He’s not sick. He’s not weary. But He has everything that we need for those of us that are. And while this season I’m in is good, I pray I dont waste it on just being content. But instead, let me be mindful enough to respond to those who are in very different seasons. That I can share in the suffering of those carrying burdens. Praying over them. Encouraging them. Serving them. That’s what we are here for.

So today, I am thankful. For the goodness of God in my past, present, and future. And that His goodness and capabilities dont change when our circumstances do.


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